Children at this stage are beginning to make personal decisions and are learning to live with the consequences of their actions.

They are slowly forming their character and personality.

They are given more independence and choice in the use of their leisure time.

They are discovering different levels of friendship and are coming to be more aware of their sexual identity.

They will be learning to strike the balance of being under authority and gaining autonomy.

During the course, you will go over the topics on puberty, character and personality development, sexual identity, authority and family life, leisure and free time, studies, achieving autonomy and many more.



Pre-Adolescence Course Syllabus

A Case Study Method

The Pre-Adolescence Program consists of a 10 sessions using case study method to stimulate and remind parents from various backgrounds, of their respective parenting job through a series of sessions of analysis and discussion of case materials.

Participants can learn and improve their parenting skills through a set of proven moral principles in analysis of the facts, problems and solutions in the case study during interactive discussion between participating couples.

The Family Enrichment Programs have been proven to be successful to many families and across various countries. Participants are recommended to be married couples, or readily to be committed in marriage.




International Federation for Family Development (IFFD) is an international organisation focused on developing rich, resilient and happy families. To this end, IFFD organises conferences and workshops and produces a number of publications across five continents. IFFD has been granted consultative status within the United Nations and is based in Spain.