This course caters to young adults as they embark on their professional journey. 

After years of study, young people now have to make major decisions and face new challenges as they leave the familiar atmosphere of the classroom setting and go out into the real world.

The course will help one see life as a personal project. Concerns of the young people regarding work, dating, relationships, professional development and more will be tackled during the course.

Personal Project will deal with topics on freedom and responsibility, family and work, emotional life, emotional intelligence and preparation for married life.


Personal Project Course Syllabus


A Case Study Method

It consists of a 7 session course using case study method to stimulate young people and provide a forum to share their concerns and gain insight on their future through a series of sessions of analysis and discussion of case materials.

Participants can learn through a set of proven moral principles in analysis of the facts, problems and solutions in the case study during interactive discussion between participants.

Personal Project has been proven to be successful to many young people and across various countries.



International Federation for Family Development (IFFD) is an international organisation focused on developing rich, resilient and happy families. To this end, IFFD organises conferences and workshops and produces a number of publications across five continents. IFFD has been granted consultative status within the United Nations and is based in Spain.