First Steps is a course for parents with young children to helps them discover the huge potential that their children have and how to stimulate learning in their child a the appropriate time.

First Steps is a practical course aimed at reminding mothers and fathers that being a parent of very young children is fun, and discovering at the same time the task of education.

The course stresses that to be a good and caring parent, who loves their children, does not mean that the children take over the house, make the rules, make endless remarks and wear down the parents to the point that all joy is gone from the family.


In First Steps we believe in what we are teaching and we do commit ourselves to a theory of education which runs throughout the program: Early Childhood Education and Education in Habits during Sensitive Periods.


I want to use all my six senses, mom...
I can hear, see, taste, touch, smell and move, if you let me!
You can teach me anything and I will learn it.
If you want me to speak, please talk to me.
If you want me to develop my voice, please sing to/with me.    



A Case Study Method

It consists of a 10 sessions course using case study method to stimulate and remind parents from various backgrounds, of their respective parenting job through a series of sessions of analysis and discussion of case materials.

Participants can learn and improve their parenting skills through a set of proven moral principles in analysis of the facts, problems and solutions in the case study during interactive discussion between participating couples.

First steps has been proven to be successful to many families and across various countries. Participants are recommended to be married couples, or readily to be committed in marriage.

First Steps BabyFirst Steps BabyFirst Steps Baby


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