First Letters is a course for parents with children aged 4-7. Children at this age are beginning to discover the world around them. As they approach the age of reason, they begin to develop more firmly their personality.

They are of school-age and will need to learn to deal with teachers and classmates. They will be given the responsibility of doing their own homework and projects.

During the course, you will go over the concept of authority, how to deal with tantrums, the influence of friends and relatives, play time and use of digital technology.

Education is not filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire

William Butler Yeats



A Case Study Method

First Letters consists of a 9 sessions using case study method to stimulate and remind parents from various backgrounds, of their respective parenting job through a series of sessions of analysis and discussion of case materials.

Participants can learn and improve their parenting skills through a set of proven moral principles in analysis of the facts, problems and solutions in the case study during interactive discussion between participating couples.

First Letters has been proven to be successful to many families and across various countries. Participants are recommended to be married couples, or readily to be committed in marriage.

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